The Cowboy of Meat prepared for you
Etin Kovboyu


What is the correct meat? How should it be? Where to buy and where to eat?
Ferfene SteakHouse is the answer to all these questions. Taking the right meat, resting and getting ready for service requires skill and experience. This trick is combined with 20 years of experience and the address of the flavor has been opened to you at Ferfene SteakHouse Çukurambar, Next Level Loft.
Both the venue, with its experienced staff, both Turkey over the steakhouse concept with carefully selected meats that reflects the real sense until Ferfene Steakhouse; business loving, never compromising on quality and acting with the awareness that the biggest gain is customer satisfaction, brought together all the details to offer you the best of every taste.
We are ready to serve you as a Ferfene SteakHouse team for your family, friends, business meetings and invitations to experience tastes and pleasures. We will be happy to welcome you.


İlik Suyu Çorbası - Ferfene Steakhouse

Bone Marrow Soup

Prepared by using 16 different vegetables, our soup broth is the 8th wonder of the world in the cold Ankara days with the name of # etinkovboyu.

İlik Suyu Çorbası - Ferfene Steakhouse


The most famous flavor of Antep, this time at your table in the most beautiful form! In the evening dessert, you can enjoy your time with tea or milk if you like!

İlik Suyu Çorbası - Ferfene Steakhouse


The lightest and most satisfying alternative of Ferfene SteakHouse meats, even the ones who are not in the diet, fascinate us.